Shami Chakrabarti Enquiry Condemns Labour Party members AT42 and BuddhistBarrister BeautifulBurnout. Corbyn finally admits to supporting Antisemitic Hamas.


Oradour, where 642 of its inhabitants, including women and children, were massacred by a Nazi Waffen-SS company.

Shami Chakrabarti Enquiry Condemns AT42 and BuddhistBarrister BeautifulBurnout. Corbyn finally admits to supporting Antisemitic Hamas

During his appearance before the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, under questioning by Keith Vaz about rising antisemitism in Britain, at long last Jeremy Corbyn, the UK’s Prime Minister in waiting, agreed that the charter of Hamas, the leaders of which he’s described as his friend and in whose support he has marched and spoken for over many years, is antisemitic. Small wonder his supporters feel so free to express their racist opinions so openly.

Shami Chakrabarti writes:

“I have heard too many Jewish voices express concern that antisemitism has not been taken seriously enough in the Labour Party and broader Left for some years”

“In day-to-day political debate, it is always incendiary to compare the actions of Jewish people or institutions anywhere in the world to those of Hitler or the Nazis or to the perpetration of the Holocaust. Indeed such remarks can only be intended to be incendiary rather than persuasive.


Because the Shoah is still in people’s living family experience and because, if every human rights atrocity is described as a Holocaust, Hitler’s attempted obliteration of the Jewish people is diminished or de-recognised in our history as is the history of a global minority that has had cause to feel, at worst, persecuted and, at best, vulnerable for thousands of years.

I recommend that Labour members resist the use of Hitler, Nazi and Holocaust metaphors, distortions and comparisons in debates about Israel-Palestine in particular.

I further recommend that excuse for, denial, approval or minimisation of the Holocaust and attempts to blur responsibility for it, have no place in the Labour Party.”

AT42 is a long time member of the Labour Party.  BuddhistBarrister BeautifulBurnout,  recently announced she is an assistant coordinator of her local Labour Party. Both are also regular contributors to The Guardian and a leftish / populist blog called The Untrusted.

Both have publicised their support for Ken Livingstone’s claim that Hitler supported Zionism and stated that his remarks were not antisemitic.

BuddhistBarrister BeautifulBurnout posts on both the Guardian’s Comment is Free and the Untrusted site as CalamityJane123 and BeautifullyBurntout, posted on 29 April conflating Zionism and Jewishness:

Now, can someone please tell me why Ken Livingstone saying that Hitler supported Zionism is anti-semitic? It’s true. He did. For his own evil nefarious ends, admittedly, but he supported the Zionists’ desire to create an Israeli state.

Unless, of course, telling truths that are uncomfortable for Zionists makes you a Jew-hater….

And again on 30 May 2016 following Nick Cohen’s article in the Guardian:

Yes, I saw that on Facebook, Anne. Cohen is becoming a parody of himself on the Graun/Observer (not open for comments), and the Graun has put up a ridiculous opinion piece that grudgingly accepts that there was a “twisted” truth in what Ken said, while failing abjectly to address any of the stuff about Lehi/The Stern Gang and their support of Nazi Germany as a way of removing the British protectorate.

Ho hum. And these gits, quite rightly, would scream the place down if John Irving was given space to spout his revisionist bollocks while simultaneously revising WW2 history themselves.

I am sick of this nonsense now.”

AT42, a former teacher responded on 30 May 2016:

“Livingston (sic) was right!”

BuddhistBarrister BeautifulBurnout also has a history of holocaust denial and denigration.

In July 2013, the Guardian ran an article about the Government’s two vans carrying its message about illegal immigration. The article attracted a lengthy discussion among readers, one of whom SonsOfOwainGlyndwr posted the following:

Well at least one positive will come of all this, unemployment may well decrease by a few thousand in the construction industry as concentration camps and attendant gas chambers and ovens are built to irradiate once and for all the ‘illegal immigrant problem in this nation.

I think they have a word for it, namely, the Final Solution.”

And later:

I am no lover of Zionism – and the appalling treatment handed out to Palestinians and others of Arab descent – little better than the NAZIS themselves in my humble opinion, an opinion held by numerous Jewish academics and non-Jews alike.

About which CalamityJane123 responded to and congratulated SonsOfOwainGlyndwr with:

“Well said, sir.”

Here she is on 18 May 2013.

Tomorrow will be the 104th (!) birthday of Nicholas Winton, who arranged for hundreds of Jewish children to be brought into the UK at a time when our government was operating bloody quotas of how many we would take! He was only allowed to bring more than the “quota” in if he could find sponsoring foster families for them, so they wouldn’t be a burden on the state.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

The idea that Britain in 2013 was in any way comparable to what was happening to Jews in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia is a deliberate and calculated insult to Holocaust victims and another example of her Jew baiting.

While Mr Livingstone limited his accusations to the State of Israel, BuddhistBarrister BeautifulBurnout considers the actions of those military personnel who support NATO policy to be equivalent to the very worst atrocities of Nazi occupying forces. (Referring to the French town of Oradour).

You talk about “well known Nazi atrocities”. The sort of thing I am talking about is the casual cruelty of an occupying force, as happened month in month out in small towns and villages throughout France, from the accounts I have heard.

The same way they happen month in month out in small towns and villages in Afghanistan.

This attracted the following condemnation:

In Oradour the Nazis rounded up the population and seperated the men from the women and children.The men were executed and the women and children were herded into the village church which was set on fire and all burned to death bar one woman who managed to escape.The Western Forces in Afghanistan have been responsible for a number of civilian deaths as a result of bombing the wrong targets but do you really believe that is the same as the Nazi massacre in Oradour?

I see so what you’re saying is that Nato forces who bomb the wrong target in Afghanistan resulting in innocent civilians being killed are the same as the Nazi forces who as a result of also making a mistake drove into Oradour-Sur-Glane, rounded up every single man ,woman and child,executed the men by firing squad and burnt almost all the women and children to death in the church they had herded them into and then set alight. All i can say is I profoundly disagree with you both.”

“I should have added that you have to see what the Nazis did in Oradour in the context of the appalling cruelty they subjected people all over Europe too. Whatever mistakes the Nato forces have been guilty of in Afghanistan they cannot be compared to the Nazis and to suggest they are shows that you both clearly don’t grasp just how barbaric the Nazis really were.”

Today, almost following in BuddhistBarrister BeautifulBurnout’s footsteps her Labour Party leader in similar fashion, was comparing the State of Israel, not with any other of the world’s democracies, but with the barbaric genocidal thugs of Islamic State.