So Martillo has appeared as the guest of Dhiya Kuriakose “Below the Line”.

Jindao Canyon Scenic area and Gorge, Chongqing, China, April 2013

Jindao Canyon Scenic area and Gorge, Chongqing, China, April 2013

Martillo has appeared as the guest of Dhiya Kuriakose “Below the Line”.

But it’s a pity she didn’t question him more carefully about his accusations of paedophilia – such as the following exchange on the Untrusted in September 2009:

martillo said…

Grrr! Those cowardly cif bastards have closed down the waddya where BTH defends lesbian paedophilia. No fucking shame.
22 September, 2009 11:52

BeautifulBurnout responded….

I’m not surprised it has been shunted aside, tbh. Given the position that BTH is taking on that thread it might well have developed into the kind of thread that would have attracted that awful paedophile apologist chap who was posting a few weeks back. Ugh.

BTH misses the point completely. Were the woman not a school teacher, the chances are she would not have been charged, and would have been given a caution or similar. But what we are talking about here is someone in a position of trust abusing that trust.

Secondly, the fact that the 15 year old girl wanted and consented to the relationship is, unfortunately, neither here nor there; under the law she is not in a position to be fully consenting, expecially when an older person is involved.

So actually nothing to do with paedophilia according to BeautifulBurnout.

The Phazer then made a comment which more or less agreed with my own position…

Ick, I actually kinda agree with BTH. Given the couple are still together and the teacher has lost her job and registration, I don’t see that this prosecution was particularily in the public interest. Losing a career is a good deterrent, the principle of consent in British law is an unholy mess, and now there’s a jail space full that would be better used on someone causing actual harm.

Now BeautfulBurnout has protested:

……and in relation to his jealously of Martillo – two days ago.Why does the poor little soul feel the need to talk about me even when he is having a go at someone else, do you think? Have you got any theories that hold water, or are you just going to be a numpty all your life after all, despite my advice to you?

“Jealously of Martillo” – where did that one come from, the “My first Book of Playground Jibes“?

At times I’ve been four square with Martillo views.  But when he accuses me of “defending paedophilia” it does tend to make me revise my opinion of him.

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