Something for HankScorpio, Backtothepoint and BeautifulBurnout to do over Easter – Watch The Hunt

The Hunt


Any chance anyone can explain to me where my post about Bitey, Gary Glitter and the Boy Scouts went?

Seriously, though, habib, who died and decided that you had the right to delete posts on here, whether they suited you, Montana, or both of you?

Fuck off, you self-important little twat.

If Montana says this is a place for open expression, then it’s a place for open expression. You don’t then get to delete posts as and when it suits you.

I don’t get to delete posts which paint me in a bad light. So, on the same basis neither does she. And neither do you get to delete posts on the off chance you might get a shag.

Grow up and get a fucking backbone, habib.


Well, if he starts drawing poisonous “conclusions” from my posts again, I may draw the “conclusion” that he’s an advocate of child sex abuse.


Hank – your post about Gary Glitter was up and running when I just checked it out, as well as a good few other of your posts. Maybe you were just in the UT  black hole for a while, as sometimes happens. I had a whole evening of that a 
while ago before I sussed it. Try clearing your caches and cookies and you should be able to see them.


“Like most paedophiles, I’m guessing that you’re a bully full of shit. I’d love to meet you face to face. I’d happily kick the fucking shit out of you. As would monkeyfish.”

Here’s something to get your teeth into over Easter: the Cannes award-winning film The Hunt,  from Festen director Thomas Vinterberg, starring everyone’s favourite Danish former Bond villain, Mads Mikkelsen.

Mikkelsen plays a teacher called Lucas who finds himself mired in a very contemporary nightmare: a well-known figure in a small community, he is accused of sexually abusing a child, and swiftly becomes the target of mob hysteria.

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