The Untrusted – internecine warfare and Scapegoating

It was 6 May 2010 when I made my first post as Bitethehand on Montana Wildhack’s Untrusted site. I’d refrained from posting on the site in the first 14 months of it’s existence despite being the centre of attention with over 400 posts about my comments on CiF. These included many quite vile comments that would have sent a less robust individual into clinical depression. After my moniker Bitethehand was banned I’d been posting for just over a month on CiF  as jiasa and after that for three weeks as Auxesisbefore being reported by scherfig.

Scapegoating is a particular feature of the Untrusted and when the comrades can’t find someone to scapegoat, they turn on each other. Anyone who undertakes even a cursory scan through its pages will discover this.  There’s so much evidence to support this that I’ll be adding more as time goes by, so consider this as just an overture, so to speak. The site provides a three year case study of why the progressive left, when things get difficult prefer to fight each other, rather than the Tories they claim to hate.

On 5 May scherfig called fellow Untrusted PaulBJ a NIGGER, then repeated it  and prompted a general discussion on CiF, when some of the regulars demonstrated a distinct lack of respect for their ethnic minority fellow humans. To his credit PaulBJ put an excellent response on CiF’s WDYWTTA.

Montana, someone who in real life has responsibility for the education and development of young American minds says she’s not embarrassed hosting a site where racist exchanges that wouldn’t be out of place on neo-Nazi blogs take place.

Not satisfied with this racist outburst, the following day 6 May, – election day in the UK, Deano weighed in with this gem:

In my view black people who wish to ban the n-word are misguided. I always take the view that it is better to be able to readily identify one’s enemy and those who speak of niggers with a venom and with an arrogant and superior tone are best encouraged into the open. 

That said I would not wish to hurt or offend my black/brown/multi coloured comrades so I rarely use the word nigger or nigga. I find ‘friend’ sufficiently affectionate and unambigious.

As best I understand the latest news – the fact is we is all niggers now. 

Election night in the UK provided the UT regulars with plenty of opportunity to ignore the Labour party defeat and set about each other with gusto. Here’s Hankscorpio, old Labour to the core, and Bitterweed being best of friends.

And here’s Hank  expressing his long lasting friendship of his fellow Untrusteds:

What a bunch of middle class hypocritical wankers. It’s a damned fucking shame that Montana’s lost the plot. If she still cared, she could use this site to destroy the rightwing censorship at CiF.

and Montana exchanging best wishes with Hank:

I’m a middle class hypocritical wanker now, am I — simply because I told you that I was sick of you insulting anyone who doesn’t live up to your standards of ‘authenticity’?  Just who the fuck do you think you are, anyway?…… I struggle to make ends meet every fucking month and I will never be able to afford to send my son to Austria to study — so where the hell do you get off calling me middle class, you pompous, arrogant, self-satisfied son of a bitch?

Rumour has it that Hank Scorpio is one of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s tax inspectors.

This exchange of insults raged on and off throughout the rest of May 2010 with the posts of 22, 23 , 24, 25, 26 and 27 May being particularly vicious. This included the dismissal by all other than Montana and MsChin, of the plight of an eight year old attempted rape victim. The rest, headed by the UT’s resident barrister decreed it to be a legal matter and couldn’t understand why Montana, who’d also been a victim in her own childhood, was getting on her high horse.

And so it went on month after month.

And when all was said and done, what did we get but HankScorpio, the real villain of the piece, trying to curry favour, elicit sympathy from those he’d abused for years,  and excuse his past indiscretions by pretending he’s now mentally ill.

So in summary:

BeautifulBurnout abuses MontanaWildhack , MontanaWildhack responds with abuse to BeautifulBurnout, Scherfig abuses everyone and gets abuse from Scorpio who not to be outdone abuses everyone. Scorpio abuses Deano and his dog who responds the following day. La Ritournelle abuses NapK as does Montana. Shazthewombat abuses Bitterweed.

It’s left to PaulBJ to show some semblance of civility.

Almost beyond belief but very amusing all the same.

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