The Untrusteds have consistently adopted a holocaust denial position

Ceramic piece, The Tsui Art Foundation, Hong Kong, 2007

Ceramic piece, The Tsui Art Foundation, Hong Kong, 2007

The Untrusteds have consistently adopted a holocaust denial position

Backtothepoint on 26/1/2015 attempting to diminish the horror and reality of
the Holocaust:

The 6 million people weren’t gassed in concentration camps, but extermination camps, which aren’t the same thing at all. I’d agree that Israel doesn’t have extermination camps.

Here’s Heyhabib posting at 17/03/2015 at 2:28 pm:

“creating a Palestinian state was never a valid option for Israel. They have always kept looking for lebensraum.”

And Chekhov on 29/4/11 comparing the Nazi death camps to Tory policy on
fitness for work:

“At the risk of invoking the Godwin law; “arbeit macht frei” ain’t a million miles away in terms of ideology or principle, if you prefer than the current crap coming out of Westminster.”

And Backtothepoint 10/5/11

“But unless we nip anti-Muslim hatred in the bud in this country, we will see the same thing again.”

“The same thing” being the holocaust.

And Anne Tanner (AT42) who wrote on 14/5/11 about criticisms of the “religion of peace”:

“That is indeed very depressing, As he says. very reminiscent of Nazi Germany it could end the same way too. At the very least it is marginalising US Muslims as US socialists and atheists have been.

Bourgeois democracy is a sham and the price of freedom is indeed eternal vigilance.”

And the late Leni Farrer on the impact of the Holocaust on 27/1/12

“We like to delude ourselves into believing that remembering things like the Holocaust will lead us towards the creation of a better, more tolerant world.”

From me on 1/2/2012

“Yesterday we had backtothepoint, BeautifulBurnout, BenCaute, Pagey & AndyLucia pushing the Holocaust Denial agenda.

And as it became quite clear that to continue the discussion there (on the Guardian’s You Tell Us), would lead to one or more of them crying to the mods, for the record, here’s the next episode.

One of the key claims of holocaust deniers is that the figure of 5 to 6 million Jewish deaths is a gross exaggeration, and the actual number is an order of magnitude lower. Only by doing this could you claim, as Backtothepoint did in an earlier post, that Roma were “perhaps” proportionally the number-one victims of the Nazi holocaust.

BTTP kicked this off with his usual one track position of denigrating anything and
everything Jewish / Israeli / Zionist and disputing poster TrueToo’s facts about the hounding of Jews from Arab lands and whether Jewish claims about the holocaust are factually correct.

And MrsB weighed in with:

“BTTP said “perhaps” because we don’t actually know – some say proportionally more Roma were killed, some don’t.”

We don’t actually know?

Actually MrsB managed to find one academic source that suggested this “proportionally” claim might be the case:

Ian Hancock, Director of the Program of Romani Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, has argued in favour of a higher figure of Roma people killed of between 500,000 and 1,500,000. The higher figure is twice the next highest estimate and as such must be questioned.

However to suggest that the enormity and horror of the holocaust against
Europe’s Jews can be decided on empirical data alone, is precisely the trick
that’s pulled by the deniers and I’m surprised MrsB is using it so willingly.

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