The Vocabulary of JayReilly – from bile to ranting

Hedging your bets - or well I was in an awful hurry

Hedging your bets – or well I was in an awful hurry

The Vocabulary of JayReilly – from bile to ranting

When the vocabulary that JayReilly uses in his post on Comment is Free is examined, the claims by him and his supporters that he was largely innocent of the offence for which he was suspended, are exposed as a complete sham.

So in no particular order here from his posting record are just a few examples.

Bile – occurs 27 times

This paper runs an explicit policy that womens issues are extremely important and need 50 articles a month, mens need, at best, 2 articles a month, one of which by a radical feminist (on the male pill from a female perspective, so a womens issue), the other commissioned only after complaints. So off their own back, in the average month they will not commission a single article. 50-0. They will pepper their womens pieces with some choice misandry and bile to boot. This is progressive politics?

What do you want to talk about?.16 Mar 2010 8:56am

Ranting –  33 times

We see women ranting about men on here nearly every single day. The reason i suspect is that a man defending men’s interests is by default, in the land of the left, a ‘misogynist’, a nasty, wife beating old dinosaur. A woman defending women is a ‘feminist’.

Fashioned against feminism.12 Jun 2008 1:09pm

Pathetic – 104 times

Look around you, the world finds sport pretty entertaining, its big news – people travel all round the world to watch teams play. Sport matters, and its healthy. Instead in this country sport is neutred by pathetic, pathetic little morons who think they are being in some way “progressive.” You’re not.

We should not fetishise competitive school sport.10 Dec 2010 10:26am 17

Idiot – 61 times

You are all idiots, especially the sickening woman who wrote this nightmarish scrawl of an article.

Stop being so precious about Hallelujah.17 Dec 2008 1:25pm

Nonsense – 380 times

Orr’s piece was interesting, but to know why most women dont like the label “feminist” you only have to read these threads and see the nonsense and falsehoods spouted. 

Female students must be made safer.17 Jun 2011 12:57pm

Dreadful – 74 times

This is a another dreadful article. My favourite line, which really sums up the crass, shameless hysteria spouted by Bidisha and her ilk

In praise of ladies’ trains.15 Feb 2008 4:02pm

Drivel – 59 times

You really should look closer to home before writing this lengthy drivel which essentially is a sob story of your alcholism followed by the obligatory extrapolation that, once again, this is about female oppression.

Go and check the suicide stats for males v females, that might give you a clearer indication of just how green the grass is.

Note to editors: After Tanya’s last article was shredded to within an inch of its life and shown to be sub-tabloid faeces, i would have thought maybe some lessons were learnt. Shame.

For more and more women, booze offers the only escape.29 Jan 2008 1:13pm

And this last post just 11 days after signing up to Comment is Free.

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