Who is RichJames?

Update 2 May 2013

It appears that the Guardian has deleted the entire posting history of richjames from the Comment is Free historical record. So yet another piece of censorship vandalism.

Who is RichJames?

As yet apart from being unable to detect the difference between Xianchen and Xiangchen, and being a resident of Hull, who knows?

And of course, announcing his resignation from CiF and then changing his mind.

Unless he’s Prescott – “a woman’s place is on her knees, under my desk.”

RichJames regularly went crying to the mods about my presence on CiF. Here he is accusing fleuregingold of being me and  here he is protesting about being condemned for wrongly accusing another poster, Xiangchen, of being me and driving her off the site for a while.

On the subject of ‘outing’ – it is obvious what Snogmonster is about. And it is perfectly clear that there are readers he frequently harasses. None of them have ever done him any wrong as far as I can tell; several of whom have disabilities which leave them particularly vulnerable to bullying and abuse. So I call Bitey on his antics, because that way people know what he’s up to, and don’t get dragged into his vortex.

and here

Now that’s clearly harassment, isn’t it? At no point prior to any of those had I
referred to the poster. It wasn’t until the thread linked to above that I made any reference to them at all. As a result of this, I figured it was probably Bitey – I can think of one other person it might have been. But it’s neither here nor there. The only time I ever referred to them was once, and it had the word Bitey in it. Big deal.

The discussion started here and continued over 8 pages to here.

Here’s Adhamhnan

I am still reeling from being involved in the pain caused to XiangChen, and will be for a very long time to come, still can’t think an apology good enough to show depth my regret and if I could what good would that do?

And here’s JaneBasingstoke:

I had no idea of the extent of the XiangChen/xianchen debacle before today. It is an appalling indictment of RichJames’s obsession with identifying Bitey avatars and the consequences.

And here’s BeautifulBurnout demonstrating her obsession with me.

Xiangchen (not Bitey) turned up on Waddya at precisely the time xianchen (Bitey) was banned in his ninetey-twelfth nick.

To be rapidly admonished by Adhamhnan

You know better, that ruining a persons reputation on suspicion doesn’t cut it.. Bitey to my knowledge has never denied who he is when challenged, yet……

And here’s Backtothepoint demonstrating his brilliantly perceptive analytical skills:

I’ve seen nothing to change my original conviction that Xiangchen was bitey.

BeautifulBurnout attempted to rescue her reputation by linking to the Untrusted site where I’d posted about the increasing number of right wing posters on CiF. Although my posts did include this tribute to her:

Now let’s overlook the rather patronising put-down in the first sentence about the rad-fems lacking backbone and concentrate instead on the second where you announced to the world how you pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps to achieve success in what at the time was, and to a large extent, still is a “man’s world”, namely, the Legal Profession.

You really are a shining beacon demonstrating to all, those characteristics of self improvement, enterprise and single mindedness.

And GrandpasBarn responding to fripouille:

I don’t quite get this frip ( as with most of your drivel ) but are you outting me as “bitey”? ( who by the way is on this board as we type )

So RichJames and Backtothepoint are both obsessed with who’s Bitethehand.

All posts I’ve ever made in response to RichJames can be read here


This is the evidence that confounds his prejudice that “People dislike Bitey because he is a piece of human filth”, and Personally, I look at it this way: if somebody is creepy and spiteful enough to resemble a notorious cyberstalker, they forfeit the right to whine when they’re mistaken for him.”

So who or what does this sound like?

To me it’s someone who’ll brand anyone who disagrees with him as me, just to silence them.

And finally, here’s CiF’s resident expert on all things psychological, penileplethysmograph on 29 Apr 2012, 6:52PM


As consistency is not yours. You say you cannot speak for others but then post for a collective. I think your post re BTH is disgraceful – the language of abuse and bullying that allows you to disregard normal standards.

Mobbing is wrong.

Re double standards and mental health issues. Well that’s common enough too isn’t . Plenty of posters accuse each other of mental health problems and are still lauded and welcomed to the cliques.”

Read Bitethehand’s posts to RichJames here

Update 1


Why should people have a right to be insulting or abusive to others? Should it be in all circumstances? What happens if somebody engages in disablist insults, for instance?


“People dislike Bitey because he is a piece of human filth”

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