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Wedding Practice on the Yangtse embankment, Chengdu, China. June 2013

Wedding Practice on the Yangtse embankment, Chengdu, China. June 2013

 Is it a mark of the decline of the Guardian that of today’s top ten read stories four involve “Miss Universe”, one Johnny Depp and one on Barack Obama playing golf. (23 December 2015)


Cecil Rhodes was a racist, but you can’t readily expunge him from history

Will Hutton writes in the Guardian:

The only way through the maze is to understand the historical context – which requires an open mind, freedom of debate and unobstructed access to facts: a trilogy which campaigners tend to neglect.


News for 9 March 2015

I came across this rather disturbing aspect of Green Party policy in Spiked:

 4) Green taxes would hit the poor hardest

Many of the Greens’ killjoy policies, like shutting down zoos and banning alcohol on planes, would make everyone miserable, regardless of social standing. But despite the Green Party’s talk of redistributing wealth and creating a fairer society, most of the Greens’ proposed taxes would hit the poor the hardest.

Under the party’s proposals, goods and services would be taxed according to how much damage the party deems these products do to the environment. So, if you’re less well-off, you can say goodbye to your carbon-belching car and jetting off for foreign holidays; the Greens’ plan is to make these sorts of luxuries unaffordable for common folk. Instead, you’ll be told to walk or cycle. And if you’re elderly, disabled or just lazy, their 2015 manifesto tells us that ‘animal-powered transport, in particular horse-powered transport, is also sustainable’.

As for exotic luxuries like coffee, bananas and chocolate, these will be taxed beyond the reach of the average pleb. Maybe if you save up you can have them at Christmas. Oh, and booze: the Greens want to raise the price of all alcohol by 50 per cent.


News for 6 March 2015

From Today’s Guardian:

Two charities (Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust joined the Roddick Foundation)  have agreed to no longer fund the controversial advocacy group Cage, which has faced questions over its links to Mohammed Emwazi, the Briton identified as Islamic State executioner ‘Jihadi John’.

The move made on Friday comes after pressure from the Charity Commission and follows the news that Amnesty International was also considering severing its ties with the group.

What on earth was the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, a Quaker organisation, doing funding an organisation that supports international jihad?

News for 18 August 2014

Interesting that while it took the Tricycle Theatre weeks to back down, Sainsbury’s managed it in just a few hours.

It’s Customer Manager writes – As a non-political organisation, Sainsbury’s would never take such a decision on grounds other than ensuring the quality or safety of our products.

Although it would appear that the safety and dignity of its Jewish customers and suppliers of its Kosher food is of secondary importance to the demands of the braying racist mob outside the store.

The Tricycle Theatre has backed down in its row with the UK Jewish Film Festival and agreed to accept funding from the Israeli Embassy.


News for 17 August 2014

Ally Fogg writes:

Last night I spent some time online, imagining I was a male victim of domestic abuse in Wolverhampton or Coventry and looking for local help. I found nothing. Literally nothing.

Could it be that there’s not a single man in Wolverhampton and Coventry who’s sufficiently concerned to do something about it – like setting up a refuge for the battered men?

Or could it be that the men, as is so often the case, consider that this is women’s work?


The Guardian reports:

Social media users warned against falsely calling politicians paedophiles

In which case I suggest it calls BeautifulBurnout/CalamityJane123/ and BacktothePoint, among others, in for an interview.


News for 1 August 2014

SteppenHerring posted on You Tell Us:

I’m going for a colonoscopy on Tuesday. Yes, I am mildly apprehensive.

To which CalamityJane123 / BeautifulBurnout posted:

And yes, an article about it would be useful to allay the fears of everyone else who has to go through this horrible procedure. My lad had to have one a wee while ago and it wasn’t pleasant. But it was necessary.

Which reminded me of that observation about CalamityJane123 / BeautifulBurnout posted on the Untrusted:

What is it about beautifulburnout that drives her to try to be ‘better’ than everybody else on UT? When montana talked about child-abuse, suddenly bb had been abused by her piano teacher. When autism is ‘trendy’, then her son is autistic. When montana’s’s son is the spitting image of a famous person, then bb’s son is the spitting image of someone else etc etc. There are countless examples and it’s so predictable.

There is nothing that anybody has ever experienced that bb has not experienced more intensely. And sometimes in French! (sigh) I really miss my steak and chips in my local restaurant in the village where I have my second home in France while I ponificate on Cif about the poor people of the world. btw, I’m a buddhist and even though I’ve got lots of money I’m not a hypocrite(not really).

Could it be that a very insecure fat person who drinks too much and spends way too much time on the internet feels the need to get some sort of validation from similar damaged individuals who feel inferior? She is so self-evidently superior to all you ‘morons’ – she constantly says so while pretending that you are her equals. As long as you clap all your little hands and say ‘go BB’, instead of standing up for yourselves and thinking for yourselves, then you will remain submissive and ignorant. Think about it.

BB is not your friend. She is a very comfortably-off middle-class wanker who owns two homes and has taken her son out of state education because she can afford to. She doesn’t really give a shit about you if it affects her lifestyle.


News for 19 May 2014

BeautifulBurnout / CalamityJane123 posts

Thought I’d have a bit of fun with P-Brax. I very politely did not add the usual bit I add after “I know you were at Sandhurst”….ie “…and had your brain removed” – as the mods are not known for there sense of humour of an evening.

Fucking hell. They’ve zapped it! I am having trouble establishing what sodding community standard that contravened, I must say.

Maybe the mods are fed up with being treated with such disdain by someone who treats the place as if it’s her own personal blog.


Abu Hamza Convicted

Abu Hamza’s defence team had tried to present him as a peacemaker and humanitarian, who had travelled to Afghanistan not to fight jihad but to build schools for girls.  (my emphasis)

From The Guardian 10 Feb 2010, 7:41AM

It is impossible to tell how many times, in response to the thirteen articles that Moazzem Begg has written for CiF, he has been asked for a truthful account of why he was in Afghanistan at the time he was picked up by US security personnel.

However in his letter posted on, he makes the claim:

Had you – and Ms Sahgal no doubt – done your homework properly you’d have discovered also that I was involved in the building of, setting up and running of a school for girls in Kabul during the time of the Taliban, but of course, that wouldn’t have sat well with the agenda and nature of your heavily biased and poorly researched article.  (my emphasis)

Well Ms Sahgal certainly wouldn’t have found that out by researching The Guardian articles written by Mr Begg. What she would have found however on 22 February 2009 in his article “Guantánamo: the forgotten prisoner” is the statement about Shaker Aamer:

“Since the early 90s, Shaker Aamer had resided in the UK, where he worked as a translator at a legal firm and later met his wife. In the summer of 2001, Aamer made the decision to live and work in Pakistan and Afghanistan, along with his wife and children, to undertake projects to support a girls’ school and build wells.”

How strange that Mr Begg seems to have retrieved his memory and can now remember that he was also setting up a girls school in Taliban infested Afghanistan.

So was this the same girls school or a different one?

And what was it that prevented Mr Begg from informing all those who asked from the time of his first article in February 2006 to his last one in January 2010, that he was in Afghanistan setting this girls school. Could we have some more details and know whether it still exists? Perhaps a new article above the line?

Mr Begg states at the end of his letter to The Times:

As such, I have referred your article to your editor and the Press Complaints Commission as a formal and major complaint and, to my lawyers to pursue legal action.

Well let’s hope the matter comes to court so that it and the Press Complaints Commission get the answers from him that CiF posters have been denied for four years.

So many schools for girls.

News for 27 May 2014

Backtothepoint and BeautifulBurnout’s favourite sexual predator Dominique Strauss-Kahn features in a new film starring Gérard Depardieu.

News for 9 May 2014

On France:

Jonathan Meades on France (2009), for instance, he said of his adoptive homeland: “If France voted as it speaks it would be governed by a coalition of green Maoists and Khmer Rouge provisionals.”

On the Blairs:

Why such animus for the Blairs?   Because they personify what, for Meades, has gone wrong with Britain since the 50s. “That they are both lawyers is, I think, key.”


News for 29 April 2014

More on Ukraine from CJ / BB

However, I am still of the view that any notion of a Russian “land grab” is nonsense. The majority of the population are pro-Russian and, as has been demonstrated in the referendum yesterday, 97% of those who voted – and more than 80% of the electorate turned out – were in favour of closer relations with Russia.

And a comment from Shiraz Socialist:

I was not the only, or the first, observer to notice the remarkable similarities between the strategy, tactics and justifications use by Putin in his his invasion of the Crimea and those used by Hitler in the Sudetenland in October 1938 – Hillary Clinton noted it as well. The comparison annoyed some of Putin’s sub-Stalinist apologists (including some who, against all the evidence, protest that they’re not that at all), and produced some sneering references to “Godwin’s Law” in the more worldly-wise sections of the bourgeois media.

No one should be surprised that the couple who supported the ultra-wealthy Dominique Strauss-Kahn, CalamityJane123/BeautifulBurnout and Backtothepoint, should now be fully behind Viktor Yanukovych and his crooks who have looted an estimated $10 billion from the Ukrainian people.



Rare Snow Leopard

Rare Snow Leopard

News for 29 April 2014

Around midday, a group of nomads in Tibet’s Ngari Prefecture Risum Ritu Drury Township, reported that a wild animal had attacked sheep in their pen, and had been captured by villagers. Staff rushed to the scene and found that the “perpetrator” was a rare snow leopard that after eating too much lamb, and with a distended stomach couldn’t jump out of the sheepfold and was captured. Snow Leopards are an international endangered species and protected in China. It was later released. This rare animal is found western China and neighboring mountains of Central Asia, where there are considered to be fewer than the number of giant pandas.

Story and photographs from Tencent


News for 28 April 2014

CalamityJane123 / BeautifulBurnout announces new break though in observing psychological phenomena:

I am astonished at the number of people who appear to hold the views “The current Ukranian government is legitimate” and “The referendum in Crimea is illegitimate” concurrently while apparently not suffering visible manifestations of cognitive dissonance.

What I wonder are those visible manifestations that she is expecting to see?

It is of course the legal profession as Peter Bracken has pointed out below, that is most likely both to suffer and benefit from cognitive dissonance.


News for 27 April 2014

Ann Tanner (AT42) rather misses the point – Big Time

HeyHabib posted this link to the Liverpool Echo article on the vandalising of the Wikipedia entry on the Hillsborough tragedy, to which Ann Tanner responded:

re: Hillsborough link Shows very clearly what we are up against with this govt! Nasty, vindictive Bullingdon bollocks – they really think their winning when they show their true colours like that!

And we socialists are accused of hating the rich? That article tells us why we have good reason too. Its beyond disgusting – really

*goes off to smash a jam jar* (couldn’t find a Tory – not common in these parts)

The vandalism occurred in 2009 under the previous Labour Government and on one or a few of thousands of computers on the Government Secure Intranet (GSI) network many of which are left on all day.

From the article:

“A series of sickening revisions to the site began on the 20th anniversary of the 1989 tragedy, when “Blame Liverpool fans” was anonymously added to the Hillsborough section of the encyclopedia site.”

The chances of the vandal / vandals being the Nasty, vindictive Bullingdon rich are of course fairly small. There’s an enquiry underway and no doubt the results will be interesting.


News for 12 April 2014

Montana Wildhack posts:

We seem to struggle to get a dozen comments in a day any more, so I can’t see what the point is in putting a new one up every day. 

And is it any surprise having just posted –  “there are plenty of (white, ostensibly Christian) people in your own country whose views aren’t far off his”, about this report in the Independent:

Politicians in India’s largest and most politically important state have sparked outrage by claiming women who have sex outside of marriage should be hanged and that men who committed rape should be forgiven their “mistakes”.

I assume Ms Wildhack means her own country which she denigrates on a regular basis.  As the quote is from  Mulayam Singh Yadav, head of the Socialist Party (SP), which runs the state government in Uttar Pradesh, perhaps Montana could name one equivalent politician in the USA with similar views.

Reading the UT is like immersing yourself in abject pessimism where the depressed depress other depressed about the state of the world when this from 2013 says reality is somewhat different:

Some of the poorest people in the world are becoming significantly less poor, according to a groundbreaking academic study which has taken a new approach to measuring deprivation. The report, by Oxford University’s poverty and human development initiative, predicts that countries among the most impoverished in the world could see acute poverty eradicated within 20 years if they continue at present rates.


News for 4 April 2014

CalamityJane123 / BeautifulBurnout on the thread following  Hugh Muir’s article on the Yashika Bageerathi affair. Here she’s berating a poster called TrillClinton:

As an aside, I sincerely doubt you will, though, as a glance at your posting history on this site would indicate that your predominant reason for posting on CiF relates to this story and this story alone. This would lead one to suspect that you have an agenda which is entirely divorced from any notion of a clear and honest explanation of immigration and asylum law.

This from someone who asked for her entire posting history to be deleted.



News for  27 March 2014

Interesting that MsChin01 is supporting the demise of the BBC over its non-coverage of Tony Benn’s funeral.


News for  21 March 2014

 Heijing – an ancient salt capital since the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

News for  10 March 2014

Montana Wildhack said… Jay – I love you, too, sweet pea! A change from her usual abuse but still rather hypocritical.


News for  6 March 2014

Travels in China 11 – Juizhaigou


News for  4 March 2014

“Either that or there has been an invasion of the bodysnatchers in the night and I am really not the person I was yesterday….”

So writes CalamityJane123 who until recently was BeautifulBurnout.

Some invasion MrsB.


News for  28 February 2014

From the Guardian:

Gunmen from Islamist group Boko Haram shot or burned to death 59 pupils in a boarding school in north-east Nigeria overnight.

But not to worry because according to BeautifulBurnout:

….burning little girls because they are witches is a religious requirement for some Christians

Unless of course she’s changed her mind about Islamists, the “callous and senseless murder … by deranged terrorists and fanatics who have clearly lost all human morality and descended to bestiality”.  (President Goodluck Jonathan).

Boko Haram means “western education is sinful”.


News for  26 February 2014

The Guardian reports on the Harriet Harman – NCCL paedophile controversy:

But the broader NCCL, which has today evolved into Liberty, should never have allowed itself to get into such a mess. 

So speaks the Guardian that has harboured and hosted posters Backtothepoint and BeautifulBurnout / CalamityJane123 who have made far worse accusations against me.

And now BeautifulBurnout posts in defence of Harriet Harman’s support of the 1978 NCCL position on paedophilia:

You have to read it (The Telegraph report) more than once to realise that it was PIE’s constitution, not a hand-written note to Pollard from Harman – that included a pledge to campaign for the legal and social acceptance of paedophile love.

This refers to a hand written note by Harman about canvassing for MPs to submit amendments to the Protection Of Children Bill to remove those parts that were intended to strengthen the law against child pornography.

And as for her “paedophile love” – it makes NCCL sound like a 1970s child abuse dating agency.

How members of the legal profession stick together in their own swamp of amorality.

And why wasn’t I aware until I looked for it, of the number of Labour Party officials and representatives who have been involved in paedophilia?


News for  24 February 2014

The Vocabulary of JayReilly – from bile to ranting

News for  18 February 2014

Travels in China 10 – The Road to Jiuzhaigou


Jay Reilly – anti-feminist, arrogant, dismissive, denigrating and much loved member of the Untrusted cabal.


News for  13 February 2014

Backtothepoint joins the “Jewish conspiracy theorists”. Here he is on YTU quoting The Telegraph:

“Tragically, the CIA’s fake vaccination campaign in Pakistan gave the Taliban good reason to suspect all health workers.

“By disguising its information-gathering exercise as a hepatitis B vaccination programme, the CIA threatens to erode trust in foreign-aid teams worldwide, undermining genuine efforts to eradicate life-threatening disease.”

And what did the Taliban say about this vaccination programme?

“Jews and the United States want to stamp out Islamic beliefs through these drops,” a spokesman for the Jundullah faction of the Taliban, Ahmed Marwat, told Reuters.

And Backtothepoint’s Taliban have gone on to kill so many of the volunteers who were delivering this health programme that the authorities in Pakistan felt obliged to stop it.

News for 12 February 2014

Travels in China 9 – Xi’an to Beijing


News for 10 February 2014


Yesterday BeautifulBurnout / CalamityJane123 posted the following:

I do know someone else Bitey has libelled personally, though – she was chatting to me about it a couple of weeks ago, so I put her in the picture, although I don’t know whether she is taking things any further – I doubt she can be arsed.

No Victoria Sharkey, as it’s her I believe who’s being referred to, has absolutely no evidence that I libelled her, as BeautifulBurnout / CalamityJane123 admitted at the time (October 2009),  after making the accusation.

On 15 October 2009 Victoria Sharkey wrote a CiF article – This bizarre Home Office logic denies workers the right to remain.

BeautifulBurnout posted the following, directed at me:

And as for the snarky little person who seem to take delight in challenging people’s capacity to advise as to the law (although I assume, given their posts, that they have no legal qualifications themselves to speak of)
For once I am afraid that I am going to use the Report Abuse button on your ass (although many’s the time I have resisted temptation in the past) because you are libelling this woman.

To which my response was:

Well I’d like to know the basis of the libel. I referred to Victoria Sharkey as an “experienced lawyer” but in her reply she didn’t seek to correct my misunderstanding. I’m not sure what you’d call that but the word misrepresentation comes to mind.

BeautifulBurnout continued:

Do you deny that your last sentence in that post questioned the kind of immigration advice she was giving to people?

To which I replied:

Here’s what I wrote:

One final point about presentation. If you say, as you do in your article that “the government is keeping them in poverty”, this is a serious accusation to make in an international newspaper. I understand what you mean, but were I a member of the government, I think I’d take some considerable objection to the accusation.

Now what part of that advice, if that’s what it is, do you think is offensive or libellous?

Later I asked Victoria Sharkey:

Finally BeautifulBurnout accused me of libelling you and I’d like your view on whether you feel this is the case?

Yet despite her responding to some of my other posts, she remained silent on this one.

However BeautifulBurnout was taken to task by a fellow professional:

@BeautifulBurnout, the OED definition is not the one used y the Law Society of England & Wales or the SRA as you should well know. Only a person with legal qualifications may call themselves a lawyer. Also, Medivisas is a 2 person firm of immigration consultants, not a law firm. To call it a law firm contravenes trade descriptions legislation.

(FYI, I am a NZ qualified barrister & solicitor, experienced in refugee law, entitled to call myself a lawyer in England & Wales).

BB, you are free to stick up for Victoria, it is no skin off my nose but from one legal professional to another, she is not someone you should align yourself with. If you don’t believe me, do a bit of Googling or contact OISC

Let me finish with this:

So I take it BB you’re not going to defend your claim that I lie on a daily basis or that I’m an apologist for the “lesbian sexual abuse of minors.”

Maybe a quote from you hero George Carman QC would be appropriate here:

“He behaved like an ostrich and put his head in the sand, thereby exposing his thinking parts.”

As and when I have time I’ll write this episode up with far more detail but in the meantime there’s more here.

Travels in China 7 – Lijiang to Zhongdian


In the light of recent comments on the UT site including one from BeautifulBurnout, denying that she asked the Guardian to delete her posting history,  I have updated my article – The Guardian’s Comment is Free – censoring the historical record – airbrushing the online version.

The update includes the request – about other posters who have asked for their profiles to be deleted.


Travels in China 6 – Tiger Leaping Gorge to Lijiang

Travels in China 5 – Dali to Tiger Leaping Gorge

News for 10 February 2014

I don’t know whether mbc1955 calls by here from time to time but yesterday she wrote:

As an aside to Peter B: what if someone posts on here in your name, attributing some very extreme pro-paedophilia opinions to you, whilst similiarly notifying your employers what ‘you’ were saying? Would that still not bother you at all?

I suggest you have a look at the Untrusted site for 16 August 2009 where you’ll find a large number of post purporting to be from me. In fact I didn’t start to post on the site until late December 2009 after Bitethehand was banned from Comment is Free.

As for your reference to paedophilia, you might like to look at this piece – HankScorpio, BeautifulBurnout, Backtothepoint and Paedophilia to see who you should really be directing your question to.

News for 8 February 2014

Backtothepoint posts:

What does your TV taste say about your politics? – quiz


Your dream TV watching partner based on this quiz is Danny Alexander.

The YouGov polling found Lib Dem supporters’ viewing habits centred on “surreal and kooky” shows – with 50% of the list comedies, by far the highest level. Have I Got News For You and Mock The Week and topped their chart. Science fiction is also a favourite


I’ve been a member of the French Communist Party for over 30 years, but nice try, YouGov!

Of course those of us who haven’t had an ongoing love affair with the French Communist Party and observed it transform itself  from the most extreme hard line Stalinist party in democratic Europe to a mirror image of Blairite social democracy, will consider the YouGov poll to be completely accurate.


News for 28 January 2014

Backtothepoint emphatically states:

I wouldn’t set foot in the USA either.

Mainly because the US Immigration authorities wouldn’t allow him to .


News for 26 January 2014

The Anatomy of a Comment is Free Banning  – How did 100qindarka end up being banned?


A poster by the name of PhilWright774 posted the following in response to a claim that Palestinians in Gaza live in the largest prison on earth.

Some may argue that North Korea is worse, no?

To which Backtothepoint in his usual habit of defending to the last, the last remaining Stalinist state on earth and also repeats his refusal to condemn terrorism in the same sentence:

I think an awful lot of the world’s population would say that’s the USA and its hangers-on. Terrorism is in the eye of the beholder… 

So Backtothepoint must have plucked out his own eyes to avoid seeing and recognising the Twin Towers, The London Transport and Atocha Madrid bombings as terrorism.

And about the North Korean regime that really does terrorise its own population, like no other regime on earth:

But it’s internal repression and not occupation and repression by someone else.

As if that makes it alright.

I dare say when they look across the border, if they ever get the chance, at the fellow Koreans in the south, most North Koreans would love to be occupied by the United States. Even North Korea’s only ally, China, has to resort to television coverage of South Korean preparations for the Lunar New Year for want of anything suitable to film in the North.

Furthermore while Palestinians living in Gaza are free to travel throughout the world, (except to Israel) on a Palestinian Authority passport, North Korean citizens usually cannot freely travel around their own country, let alone travel abroad.

More about Backtothepoint’s ambivalence towards terrorism here.


Travels in China 4  –  Kunming – Dali


News for 19 January 2014

CalamityJane123 / BeautifulBurnout posts:

Being stalked on the internet is a truly bizarre thing – having people follow you from website to website, publicly commenting at you or about you in an unpleasant fashion. It is positively creepy.

So speaks one of the founder members of The Untrusted, a site set up specifically to attack other Guardian posters and writers with whom it’s founder members disagree.

This I believe was her first post under the heading “The Mods must be Crazy”:

I am in total agreement, Montana. I was dumbfounded to see that they had let that piece of human excrement write a piece on our Graun. But I was even more astounded by Matt Seaton wading in like a schoolmarm before the thread even got going and giving us a written warning about “Friday bad feeling” or some such complete nonsense.


News for 17 January 2014

The Guardian’s moderators delete the post and ban the poster who criticised Dieudonne’s pro-Nazi, anti-semitic performance.

And no surprise when the opportunistic BeautifulBurnout and Backtothepoint support the deletion and the banning. And MrsB once famed for being the CiF scourge of the British National Party now has nothing to say about this piece of pro-Nazi moderation. Furthermore the person who tells us she’s a second rate barrister now appoints herself as a third rate psychiatrist -with this diagnosis  –  She has been going off the rails again for weeks.


News for 13 January  2014

The Untrusted’s mya – asks about the Officer known as V53, who fired the shots that killed Mark Duggan:
Should this man really get his job back? and refers us to this Guardian article (not open for comments).
I’d have thought that as the Guardian published an article accusing officer V53 of murdering Mark Duggan it might have considered it better to have avoided this subject.
And once again TheUntrusted’s concern with the fate of those thrown into unemployment is rather selective.
Stafford Scott another of the Guardian’s writers, in a somewhat childish response, said of the officer:

 “I hope he shoots and kills a white person next time, hopefully someone who is related to someone in government. Who feels it, knows it.”


News for 12 January  2014

Travels in China 3  –  Hekou to Kunming 


Be Careful what you wish for Sheffpixie.

The Untrusted’s Sheffpixie, having led the charge about how the “bedroom tax” was to be the end of civilisation as we know it, to the extent that it so frightened at least one vulnerable woman, that she ended her own life, now tries to avoid responsibility for the outcome of her propaganda.

Pixie quotes from the Mirror:

After she was landed with the bedroom tax, Stephanie Botrill believed she “couldn’t afford to live anymore,” and killed herself. It was subsequently revealed that she should have been exempt from the tax.

And the pixie’s reaction?

Dontcha just love what this country is fast becoming.

This country?

Sheffpixie’s Bedroom Tax propaganda, and that of others with her political objectives, was so successful that it drove Stephanie Botrill to take her own life. And rather than accept any responsibility, the pixie attempts to put the blame on the country at large.


News for 8 January  2014

Great angst among The Untrusted about jury’s verdict in the inquest into the death of Tottenham gangster Mark Duggan and the failure of the local populace to man the barricades.

Det Ch Insp Mick Foote, from the Met’s gang crime unit Trident, said Mark Duggan was a “confrontational and violent” member of Tottenham Man Dem, a gang associated with drug dealing and violence, the latter usually targeted at other gangs in London.

He said Mark Duggan was one of the 48 most violent criminals in Europe, and in 2011 was one of the targets of a police operation called Dibri which was focussing on a spike in gun related incidents in London nightclubs.

The officer told the inquest there was intelligence that Mark Duggan had shot someone in a nightclub and on another occasion fired a gun in a club car park.

He was once allegedly treated in hospital for a gunshot wound to his foot.

He’d also been arrested, but not charged, on suspicion of murder and was twice picked up after allegedly travelling in cars where ammunition and a gun were found.

The Untrusteds need to be reminded that this is what happens when the seriousness of the illegal possession of guns is considered to something worthy of turning a blind eye to.

Gang members jailed for life over teenage girl’s murder

And now Stafford Scott weighs in with his expert opinion that – Duggan had thrown the gun before being fatally shot, …..
So we must assume that Mark Duggan actually had the gun in his hand / hands in order to throw it and it explains the problem of how his gun got to the other side of the fence, a problem that has been so perplexing to Backtothepoint.
And will the Guardian now be apologising to V53 – the officer who fired the fatal shots for the following from Malcolm James,  a social researcher who was undertaking a PhD at the Department of Sociology, London School of Economics, when it published him writing on 5 September 2011,   –  “From the murder of Mark Duggan at the hands of the police in Tottenham,…..” ?  A comment which attracted the rapidly deleted post:

 Mark Duggan was certainly killed by a police officer’s bullet, but whether this was murder has yet to be established. Indeed the Independent Police Complaints Commission has yet to complete its investigation.

It is one thing to amend an article either at the request of the writer or on the advice of the Guardian’s legal / editorial advisers, but it is quite another to censor posters who quote from the original in order to make a rather important point.

It is normal practice for articles that have been amended to have a brief explanation appended. I note your hastily typed post at 11:23am.*

I find it difficult to believe that the writer didn’t consider long and hard before making the accusation that has now been removed, especially as the amendment does significantly alter the entire basis of the article.

*  This article was amended on 5th September 2011. The original article referred to the “murder of Mark Duggan” and “Duggan’s murder”. The Independent Police Complaints Commission are still investigating this incident, and there have been no charges of any kind so far. This has been corrected.

News for 7 January  2014

I get two mentions by BeautifulBurnout on the UT and the year’s only six days old. Here’s the most recent:

“Now, I hope to find 101 ranting in the exact same way as he has been ranting on here over on the Bitey blog. “

This concerns an exchange about sheffpixie and MrsB working as volunteers and for payment to assist immigrants to the UK who the Home Office intends to deport, to get legal aid to fight their deportation. She continues:

“As his favourite blog host actually goes to China to bring immigrants to the UK for a living , rather than just preventing those already here from being unlawfully removed from the country (which is what Sheff and I do), I anticipate at least as much fervour and taking-to-task over there, no?”

Well he might “take me to task” if the two scenarios were in any way similar. The “immigrants” I “bring to the UK”, are actually students who will already have paid in full, their tuition and accommodation fees for at least a term and sometimes an entire year, will have obtained a UK student visa, and in almost all cases will have travelled to the UK on their own. In the years I’ve been providing unpaid support to the China based business, these students’ parents have contributed in excess of £1million to UK educational institutions and the economy at large and as such, through taxation will have also contributed to BeautifulBurnout’s fees from legal aid work. Furthermore every one of these students has returned to China at the successful completion of their education and within the time limits of their visas.

Of course MrsB is well aware of the flaw in her argument as she has so often pointed out to readers of Comment is Free and the UT,  as this post about London Metropolitan University and its so called bogus students demonstrates:

“In a way I am quite glad that this has happened because at long last the general public are beginning to get the idea of how the lives of perfectly innocent, respectable, genuine students can be ruined by the collective punishment tactics of the UKBA. This kind of shit has been going on ever since the PBS was introduced, but never on such a high-profile scale…

…And what about the poor sods who have shelled out for this year’s tuition already and don’t have any money? Or who can no longer show the maintenance requirement etc?”


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