Travels in China

Dancing in the Square

Dancing in the Square

Heijing – an ancient salt capital since the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

 A Chinese Wedding………………..

 A Wedding at Keduzhen

 An epic Sichuan road trip – Chengdu, Dujiangyang, Maerkang, Seda, Lu Huo, Ba Mei, Ta Gong, Kangding.

 Driving in China – how to tell who was at fault in the accident

 Instructions to Chinese Tourists Travelling Abroad and Graffiti Vandalism

 Luoping Nine Dragons Waterfalls, October 2008

 Today we went for lunch……………………

 Travels in China – The Road to Jiuzhaigou

 Travels in China – Juizhaigou

 Travels in China – The Jinsha Site Museum

 Travels in China – Hekou to Kunming

 Travels in China – Dali to Tiger Leaping Gorge

 Travels in China – Tiger Leaping Gorge to Lijiang

 Travels in China – Lijiang to Zhongdian

 Travels in China – Zhongdian to Xi’an

 Travels in China – Xi’an to Beijing


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