Why I would have voted to Leave the European Union


Brussels, Grand Place, Summer 1989

I said I’d post details of what I read that convinced me to vote to leave the EU, even though due to my postal ballot paper not arriving, I didn’t manage to.  And thanks to each of you for your contributions.


Why I am voting Leave, by Professor Alan Johnson

The Labour Case for Brexit

Flexcit A plan for leaving the European Union

The EEA is smart Brexit, not soft Brexit

The European Union Democratic Deficit

Video presentation by Professor Michael Dougan

Britain is in the midst of a working-class revolt – John Harris

The Undemocratic EU Explained – It Will Never Change – Matthew Ellery

The Progressive Case for Brexit – Matthew Ellery

The UK is now two nations, staring across a political chasm – John Harris

Remain and reform is wishful thinking – the left should vote leave Nigel Willmott

What does this vote mean if one feels utterly powerless in every other way? Suzanne Moore

Corbyn Turned Down An Offer To Appear With Cameron In Display Of Pro-EU Unity

If the UK votes leave, what would this mean for EU science?

Brexit supporters have unleashed furies even they can’t control – Polly Toynbee

EU referendum: Jeremy Corbyn says he ‘won’t take the blame’ if UK votes to leave

Brexit would make Britain the world’s most hated nation – Antony Beevor

Blair and Brown letter aims to unite Labour over EU poll

Remain needs to change tack on immigration – or risk Brexit Jonathan Freedland

EU referendum: The Sun urges readers to vote Leave as Rupert Murdoch applies pressure

FRANKLY SPEAKING – Brexit is no longer about the EU-it’s a British civil war

Why do some of us with migrant parents want to vote for Brexit? Iman Amrani

Of course Ukip plays the race card. But I’m still voting for Brexit  –  Dreda Say Mitchell

Brexit is a fake revolt – working-class culture is being hijacked to help the elite Paul Mason

How will the Brexiteers react if they lose? Expect bitterness and frustration – Paul Mason

Can a Turkey sliding into despotism and censorship still join the EU? The answer must be no Paul Mason

The Brexit debate offers a flimsy illusion of choice – we need some detail – Paul Mason

Europe’s refugee story has hardly begun – Paul Mason

The real problem with Brexit: nobody knows anything –  Paul Mason

David Cameron’s fatal mistakes on immigration threaten our country’s future –  Owen Jones

Denial then panic: how the EU misjudged the British mood

Labour for Britain

Kinnock’s £10 MILLION Pay Off and the EU SECRET BANK ACCOUNTS

Brexit vote: Johnson and Farage show ‘worst of Britain’

The Pragmatic Case for Voting for Brexit By Douglas Murray

REVOLT OF THE OTHERS – Britain is effectively Two Nations, and one has just risen up.


EU democratic deficit Dictatorship of the European Commission

 The referendum result is binding. Invoking Article 50: the Law, the Constitution and Politics

Denmark dismisses EU’s wrangling over Brexit divorce bill as ‘a game’

Brexit: where nothing seems to be real

Open Europe responds to the October European Council summit

The Liberal Case for ‘Leave’

Brexit: deal or no deal – HOUSE OF LORDS European Union Committee

After Brexit:  Alternate forms of Brexit and their implications for the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States

Slowly but surely, Brexit is starting to shape up

Does the WTO require countries to control their borders?

Ivan Rogers – Cambridge 2018 – Brexit as Revolution

No Deal: the economic consequences and how they could be mitigated

No Deal: the economic consequences and how they could be mitigated – Guardian Article

The inside story of how David Cameron drove Britain to Brexit – Sir Ivan Rogers

The Border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland post-Brexit

Smart Border 2.0 Avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland for Customs control and the free
movement of persons

I’m warming to the idea of a second referendum

Leaving the EU on WTO terms: pulling down the barriers to world trade. – Martin Howe QC

What fascism is, and isn’t

How The EU Elite Paved The Way For Populism – 

Brexit, the public finances and the NHS by Peter Levell and George Stoye

30 Truths About Leaving on WTO Terms.
How the political class sold our sovereignty – Doug Nicholls, chair of Trade Unionists Against the EU.
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